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  • 1. What is a professional-oriented institution?

A professional-oriented institution is one that focuses more strongly on giving students the education they need to succeed in their career. At Ingenium CVC, we are dedicated to the Professional Education, offering new abilities with the best Information Technologies. We believe it is our work to help prepare students for a career. While general education courses are included in our programs are important, it’s the hands-on career training you’ll receive at Ingenium CVC student what will help you to be successful when completing each one of our programs.

  • 2. Why is Ingenium a good option for me?

Ingenium CVC will broaden your professional vision and will boost your labor profile. Class sizes are small and the education is hands-on. Once enrolled, you will be working closely with a successful team who will help ensure your success in completing your program and launching your career.

  • 3. What about graduate employment opportunities?

Ingenium CVC spends quality time working with students on career preparation, helping with resumes, cover letters, portfolios, mock interviews, job leads and more. At Ingenium CVC, we dedicate to the professional preparation, offering new abilities applying the best Information Technologies. Our students are not placed in jobs, they are empowered to start or enhance their careers with the tools we facilitate them.

  • 4. What are the admissions requirements

Admission into any of our programs requires the applicant to meet certain acceptance requirements. A full list of these requirements is available in our course catalog for sites in the respective country in which you wish to pursue your studies. You will also need to submit verification of completion of a high school education or equivalent.

  • 5. How much is the tuition?

Ingenium CVC tuition depends on the program and location. Visit the “tuition” section in our Website for specific information on the cost of attending each one of the courses and locations.

  • 6. How long does it take to complete a program?

Ingenium CVC offers a variety of courses, programs and distance courses specialized in Audiovisual Arts. Each one has a specific length and the completion of the course/program will depend in the one chosen. Some are completed in 150 hours or less.

  • 7. Where are your institutes?

Ingenium CVC’s head office is located in USA, but we also have sites in Colombia, Panama and Venezuela. Visit our locations / contact page for additional information.

  • 8. What programs do you offer?

Ingenium CVC is an institution offering job preparatory programs in high-demand career areas. We offer a variety of courses, programs and distance courses specialized in Audiovisual Arts supported by the most updated programs from the biggest in technology such as Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and other companies like Autodesk, Google, Corel, among others. These include programs in design, production of audio, video, networking, webmaster and more. Visit our program pages for more information and to determine the locations where your program of interest is offered.

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