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Aperture 101



Taking photos. Further.

This two-day course starts with image management basics and takes you step by step through Aperture's powerful editing, retouching, proofing, publishing, and archiving features. Learn to organize your photos using Faces, Apple's face detection and recognition tool, take advantage of Places to find photos by where they were shot, and retouch your images with nondestructive edge-aware brushes. Create advanced slideshows that include HD videos,titles, and layered soundtracks. Real-world exercises feature professional photography from a variety of genres.

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Who should attend

  • This class is for anyone who wants to learn the fundamental functionality of Aperture, Apple's groundbreaking photo editing and management software.




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What you will learn

  • Importing multi format images including RAW from a variety of media including iPhoto, disks and media cards
  • Managing and adding metadata
  • Using projects, albums and Smart Albums to organize images
  • Evaluating images using a variety of techniques including the Light Table
  • Indexing Photos with Faces and Places
  • Non-destructively adjusting and stylizing images for web and print production
  • Delivering images as files, books, web galleries and web journals



Aperture in action!



A Quick Tour of Aperture Indexing Photos with Faces and Places Correcting Tone
Adding and Managing Metadata Managing Projects and the Library Correcting Color
Comparing and Evaluating Images Performing Nondestructive Editing Making Local Adjustments with Brushes
Working with RAW Images Delivering Final Images as Books, Prints and Files
Creating Dynamic Slideshows
Presenting Your Photos on the Web
  • *Digital version only, hardcover version available upon request.
  • *"Choose You Schedule" feature available to groups of minimum four (4) students and to our Corporate Program only. Learn more.
  • You can take the certification exam right after the training, learn more or contact us.
  • We offer on-site training through our INCompany program, learn more.


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