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Adobe® Photoshop® CS6


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Discover new dimensions in digital imaging

Adobe® Photoshop® CS6, the benchmark for digital imaging excellence, provides strong performance, powerful image-editing features, and an intuitive interface. Adobe Camera Raw, included with Photoshop CS6, offers flexibility and control as you work with raw images as well as TIFF and JPEG images. Photoshop CS6 pushes the boundaries of digital image editing and helps you turn your dreams into designs more easily than ever before.

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Who uses Photoshop?

  • Photographers have long relied on Photoshop for the ultimate in creative control and production of high-quality images. With its unrivaled editing and enhancing power, Photoshop helps photographers achieve superior results with its industry-leading features, extensive toolset, and state-of-the-art editing, compositing, and painting capabilities.
  • Web, print, and interactive designers use Photoshop to bring their creative visions to life in print, on mobile devices, and on the web. Working in unison with other Creative Suite tools like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver software, Photoshop plays a key role in the designer’s workflow, providing the necessary tools to retouch or enhance photos, create superior composites, produce complex illustrations, and produce imaging content optimized for multiple design outcomes.
  • Video professionals, motion graphics designers, and video effects artists use Photoshop to help them create and enhance visual effects, build clips from multiple source files, and develop motion graphics or prepare still images and text for inclusion in video projects.




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Top new features of Photoshop CS6

  • Extended Content-Aware family of technologies
  • All-new Crop tool
  • Sophisticated text formatting
  • New Vector layers
  • New scripted patterns
  • Intuitive video creation
  • Adaptive Wide Angle filter
  • New blur effects
  • Adobe Camera Raw 7
  • Rich painting toolset
  • And much more...



Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 in action!



Getting to know the work area Layer basicst Typographic design
Basic photo corrections Correcting digital photographs Vector drawing techniques
Working with selections Masks and channels Advanced layering
Advanced compositing Working with 3D images Preparing files for the web
Painting with the Mix Brush Producing and printing consistent color
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