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Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS6


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Design, develop, and deploy standards-based websites and applications

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is the industry-leading web authoring software, providing both visual and code-level capabilities to create and maintain standards-based websites and applications for desktops, smartphones, and tablets. New and enhanced features help streamline your design and development workflow, build adaptive page layouts, and deliver content from one source to virtually any screens or devices.

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Who uses Adobe Dreamweaver?

  • Professional web designers have made Adobe Dreamweaver the market leader in visual web- authoring tools, using it to create engaging websites and design compelling content for mobile devices and mobile apps. The flexible development environment in Dreamweaver allows visually oriented designers to work in Design view to create sites and applications. Using new fluid grid layouts, they can create custom page designs that adapt to a range of different screen resolutions. Dreamweaver CS6 is tightly integrated with the other tools included in Creative Suite® 6, making it easy to bring in graphics created in Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Fireworks® software.
  • Professional web developers rely on the coding tools in Dreamweaver to produce static and dynamic HTML pages and web applications, with support for mobile frameworks such as PhoneGap Build and jQuery Mobile. As web developers build content for a host of different screen sizes and devices, they can preview their work accurately in Live view. Working in Code view, developers can take advantage of timesaving features such as code hinting, code completion, and code snippets for their favorite server model, and can also incorporate client-side scripts written in JavaScript. Updated support for HTML5 and CSS3 offer new possibilities for coding and adding interactive content when authoring for modern browsers.




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Top new features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

  • Fluid grid layouts
  • Real-time Multiscreen Preview
  • jQuery Mobile themes
  • Integrated support for PhoneGap Build
  • Revised Live view
  • W3C validation for improved accuracy
  • Business Catalyst support
  • CSS3 transitions
  • And much more...



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Customizing Your Workspace Html Basics Css Basics
Creating A Page Layout Working With Cascading Style Sheets Working With Templates
Working With Text, Lists, And Tables Working With Images Working With Navigation
Adding Interactivity Working With Web Animation And Video Working With Forms
Working With Online Data Building Dynamic Pages With Data Publishing To The Web
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