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Corporate Program: INCompany

Ingenium introduces a new corporate program fro companies, no matter what size, combining the best certified training on the market and the best prices that suit your business. This wonderful program will provide not only substantial discounts for certified training in the most demanded areas but will give you company the power to enrich and potentially improve your employees enfficiancy, therefore growing your business, receiving better results and most importantly: staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and software.


save money

Deep discounts on Apple, Adobe and Microsoft Certified Training

No one can beat our prices


Schedule training on your own convenience

Get the training just when you need it


Give the gift of certified training to your employees

Reward their hard work


Purchase vouchers that never expires

Purchase vouchers now, use them when you need them

premium support

Support 24/7

Your questions answered all days


On-site training at no additional cost

Some restrictions apply

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Prices never go up!

Get stuck with our prices


Workstations and equipments at our own expenses

You don't have to worry about anything


Special prices on recertifications

Discounts for recertification trainings and exams

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Training designed specially for your company and your needs

We cover your needs and more

small business

Best Certified Trainers available

The bests in the area, at your service


Stay up-to-date with your software, our team will help you

You don't have to worry about anything, again

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