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Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Ingenium CVC is to develop the students’ ability to manage a range of tools to create a visual language able to express all human creation potential, improving their local career opportunities and hence they can succeed in the workforce. Ingenium CVC improved its instructional mechanisms to produce confident graduates and supply Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Florida and surrounding states’ ever growing needs for individuals possessing competencies in Web and visual communication, and in media design in a very short time.



The vision of Ingenium CVC is to be a leading national and international educational center of excellence supporting the creation and application of new technologies in the visual communication and multimedia field – enabling human development in the region that contributes with the economic improvement, competitiveness and modernization of the country.



The mission of Ingenium CVC is to provide high quality training that supports the sector of the graphic and multimedia communication technologies. Besides the professional education, Ingenium CVC is considering to offer integral services for corporative training, oriented to the satisfaction of specific needs under demanding quality patterns, ethic and social sense.


Core Values

The core values of Ingenium CVC are:

  • Student and customer oriented
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Teamwork and commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Equal opportunity

The Management, staff, and students of Ingenium CVC are required to promote the above tenets at all times. These values will eventually become our distinguishing features. The challenge faced by everyone in the Center is to ensure that all the training programs offered by the Institute are of very high quality, and that the products (graduates) of these programs are competent, and skilled professionals who will have the hunger to learn more after finishing their programs.



  1. To promote the specific training in knowledge fields which give growth resources to the socio-economical and cultural development of the city, region and country.
  2. To strengthen the knowledge production in specialized technical disciplines
  3. To generate educational areas articulated horizontally and vertically among the technical disciplines in order to foster specific education, application field and workforce, and to adapt itself to changes in the socio-economical context
  4. To generate quality knowledge in an academic environment of justice, fraternity, solidarity and citizen education
  5. To educate technical professionals with a high creative and innovative ability and with excellence in quality of production
  6. To educate professionals able to contribute to studio teams which create innovative on and off-line digital media solutions
  7. To extend productions, actions and services to the community for the development and integral growth in all areas of knowledge and life in general
  8. To offer comprehensive study programs for the permanent education and other courses
  9. To prepare the students to acquire knowledge and basic abilities which allow them to get competitive working positions with the ideal salary
  10. To contribute with the international understanding within an intercultural context
  11. To promote a practical and experimental learning


Our Facilities

The center has the following facilities:

  • Well equipped computer training facility with internet access
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Electronics and Telecommunications labs

The building is designed for communications training and is equipped with Apple Macs running OS X and Windows. All computers have broadband connection. Our flexible space contains a wide range of rooms where we hold our directory courses - in fact, many companies prefer to hold their in-house courses here, rather than on their own premises. You can also hire space for meetings, events and seminars.


We are also located in Colombia, Panama and Venezuela


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